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6 Hidden Google Chrome Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Sheldon Cooper



These features can help you save tons of time, battery, and data while browsing.

If there’s ever been an app that represents Google, it’s gotta be Chrome, without a doubt.

Currently, Google Chrome holds a 77.03% share of the Global Desktop Market Share, which makes it the number one web browser in the world.

Besides its extraordinarily polished UI and versatility, Google Chrome is also famous for offering a wide range of extensions, Incognito Browsing, synchronization across multiple devices, etc. The best part is that it offers an extremely safe, and fast browsing experience which makes it an absolute hit among users around the world. Not only that, but the browser also provides customized themes and dark modes to the users which further add up to its sleek design.

Now, before we get into more details, we would like to tell you that there are tons of other Chrome features as well that are not commonly used by most of us. Below, we have come up with the top six least-used features for Chrome in 2022 – let’s dive in!

1. Switch to Guest Mode

Did you know that Google Chrome offers a Guest version too? Well, you gotta believe us!

Google Chrome Guest Mode works by adding an extra layer of privacy to your browser so that your data remains protected from falling into wrong hands. With the help of Guest Mode, now you can easily share your computer with anyone, without worrying about losing your saved bookmarks or browser history.  It is the perfect tool for users that are looking for ways to share their computer with friends, or fam but are worried about excessive intervention.

To access the feature, simply click your Google account avatar appearing at the top right corner of your screen, and select Guest to make the switch – it’s that simple!

However, you need to remember that you cannot access the Guest Mode without internet – so, make sure that you connect to a fast, and high-coverage internet connection like Grande Internet before getting your hands on Chrome.

Grande internet provides robust internet connectivity round-the-clock for all types of online activities like streaming, downloading and browsing, etc. The best part is that Grande Internet is extremely affordable for everyone – its monthly plans are starting from $35.99 only per month.

For more details, please call Grande’s 24/7 customer services helpline, or send your query to their representative via Grande’s official website.

2. Play Audio and Video Files

Chrome can do much more than just open random websites.

For example, it can help you listen to your favorite audio and video files by simply dragging them into a new tab, and that too without the use of any media players. Simply drag and drop your audio/video files into a new Chrome tab and you are all done!

Although Chrome is not going to replace your default media player anytime soon, still it can help you access a wide range of audio and video files on your system instantly.

3. Cast Your Screen or Desktop

Google Chrome provides you with another exclusive feature to Cast your screen or desktop.

To access the feature, all you need to do is just click on the three dots appearing in the top right corner of the interface. You will see the Google Chrome menu on your screen. Simply click on the Cast option, so that you can beam individual browser tabs or an entire desktop screen over to a Chromecast device on your existing network.

However, on some particular streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube, Chrome will cast the video content instead of your tabs or desktop. So, this option works pretty well for showing off photos or presentations, etc.

4. Group Tabs Together

Tab Grouping is one of the recently added features on Chrome that allows users to organize their tabs according to different labels and colors.

To access the feature, simply right-click on the header of any open tab and select Add Tab to New Group to begin. Now open the same right-click menu and you will see the option to take tabs out of a group, add new tabs to a group, and more.

Simply click and drag the labels of your tab groups to move them; click on it once to hide or show the group.

5. Send Tabs to Other Devices

Did you know that you can send your Chrome tabs to other devices? Sounds surprising right?

Well, if you want to send any specific webpage to your phone or other devices, simply right-click on its URL in the address bar and click on Send to Your Devices.

However, please note that “your devices” refer to any devices where you’ve Chrome installed already, also signed in with your Google account, and turned on sync.

Now select one of the options from the list on your screen, and your URL will be immediately sent to the other device.

It’s that simple!

6. Start-Up Where You Left Off

Now you do not need to worry about losing your tabs while closing Chrome – you can always recover them with a single tap, whenever you reopen the app again.

Simply open up your browser menu, go to Settings and click on On Start-up. Now click on Continue Where You Left Off. The best part is that Chrome recovers your pages in emergency cases as well – i.e. during computer crashes or power outages, etc.

The Bottom-Line

We hope you enjoyed reading about the least-commonly used features of Google Chrome in 2022. Do let us know in the comments below if you know about any other unique features as well.

Finally, do not forget that Google Chrome is an online platform – so, it needs stable internet connectivity to work. For your convenience, you can always opt for high-speed internet connections like Grande internet before accessing Google Chrome. It would help you enjoy a fast, and smooth browsing experience at all times.

If you wish to know about Grande’s latest internet deals, bundles, or pricing plans, then do check out BuyTVInternetPhone.

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What are the benefits of a laptop for working from home?

Sheldon Cooper



What are the benefits of a laptop for working from home?

Since the invention of the computer, there have been many advancements with new inventions and innovative technologies. A laptop is an example of one such invention that added a lot of convenience to people’s lives. However, the initial laptops used to be very heavy but with time and developing technology, laptops started getting compact. For example, you can easily spot the difference between an old and a new model of an HP laptop.

Nowadays, many companies offer work from home to people who own a good laptop because it is impossible to provide PCs to every employee. If you don’t have a laptop, you have to travel to your workspace every day to work. If you also want to enjoy the advantages of working from home, then it is essential to get yourself a laptop.

There are numerous benefits of owning a good laptop; the following points list these benefits in detail:

It makes remote work more effortless

When you own a good laptop, you can work from anywhere worldwide. Many people enjoy working from the comfort of their homes, but some keep looking for opportunities to work from anywhere, like mountains, beaches, etc. So, if you are a travel enthusiast, you only have to own a laptop to carry it with you on your trips and work remotely. It is a dream for many people to work from a beautiful cafe in the hills or a hotel balcony and then enjoy the evening in a new city. A laptop makes it possible for you.

It is easy to set up

The best part about using laptops instead of PCs is that they start up quickly and shut down quickly. The PCs require a lot of space and consist of a lot of wiring, which makes the place look cluttered. Moreover, you can’t take it with you anywhere, but this is not the case with laptops as you don’t have to set it up anywhere. It only needs a bag where you can keep it when you are not using it. This makes a laptop the best portable device for work.

Rapid improvements

Early laptops did not have as much memory and good configurations as a PC, but nowadays, you can find many laptops which are as good as the best PCs in the market. For example, if you are a gaming enthusiast looking for a gaming computer, you don’t have to spend all your money on a PC as you can buy a laptop with the best gaming configurations.

Easy repairs and upgrades

Another benefit of using laptops is that you can easily repair them when they start showing you trouble. You can take your laptop to a service station and repair it within days. However, if your PC starts showing you trouble, you’ll have to disassemble it, take all the parts to a service centre, and then assemble it again after repair. A laptop saves you from all the headaches of setting up and assembling.

Work without a power supply

The best part about using laptops is that you can work on them even with no power supply. These devices have a good battery backup that allows you to work without power connectivity. For example, an HP Laptop has good battery backup.

These points list all the benefits of a laptop for working from home. So, if you want to enjoy the perks of working from home or anywhere, then you must invest in a computer with good specifications and battery backup.

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Evolution of Phone Rentals





Evolution of Phone Rentals

In ancient times, people used to communicate directly or through letters instead of phone calls. Even though phones were invented in the 19th century, not everyone used them. The usage of phones increased in the 20th century. And now there is no person without a phone, especially a smartphone. Now communication is a lot easier because of phones. In earlier days, there used to be phone rentals for communicating with people present over long distances.

Early 19th Century

In the olden days, not everyone used phones due to discrimination or the higher class’s authority. Then the idea of public phone booths started. A telephone used to be placed at an individual’s house or some public place accessible by everyone. So that anyone could use the phone and pay as per their use. If the telephone is at an individual’s house, that person will charge each person who utilised the phone. If the telephone is in a public place, those telephones have the built-in system of giving a person the calling privilege only if they pay first. Later, they need to pay accordingly for each minute they spend on a call.

After that phase, people evolved their thinking habits and equality between people to its first step. Besides many other evolutions, people started using personal phones. People who couldn’t afford a personal phone continued to use phones at the telephone booths. The personal phones reduced a lot of additional work like waiting in queue to get a chance to use the phone and the charge for a call.

20th Century

Once personal phones came into practice; everyone desired to utilise them. But everyone can not afford them and also cannot depend on the telephone booths as they are not available at any place as they are fixed at a location. So then came the idea of phone rentals. A phone can be rented for a while and paid for at the time of utilisation. In those times, travelling used to take longer due to a lack of technology and facilities. This idea works for people who will be travelling long distances for days or weeks so that they can communicate with others.

21st Century

Even now, there are still a few phone rental services after this advanced technology and evolution. Earlier, people used these rental services for communication purposes. In contradiction, people now use these phone rental services to flaunt their stature in society. In the early 20s, it used to be a wonder if a person was using a smartphone. Later, it became so natural that there is no home without a single smartphone. They use this service even if a person has a smartphone from a lesser-known company or some old model. Their insecurity that people around them will notice that their mobile is not so “trendy” and might also discriminate against them based on that. Due to these insecurities, people use this rental service when required and flaunt others.

People not only use these for flaunting but apart from that, there are other uses as well. Students use this phone rental service. They use this service if they cannot afford a personal phone. Even some parents are against their children’s excessive mobile use as they can be addictive, so in that case, they can use these phone rentals. This helps them to use the phone only for that particular time and has to be returned once the scheduled rental time is completed. In this case, parents and children will be satisfied as their needs are fulfilled.

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OWS Laptops Every Thing You Need To Know

Sheldon Cooper



OWS Laptops Every Thing You Need To Know

OWS laptops are low-cost, highly-performing computers designed for developing countries. It is based on the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project that aims to provide laptops to every child globally. Laptops from OWS are among the most popular on the market. Its elegant appearance, strong performance, and mobility set it apart from other models. These laptops come in various designs, making it difficult to choose the right one.

OWS stands for One World Schoolhouse (, the organization behind the OLPC project.

The ows laptop is perfect for people on the go. It’s lightweight and has a long battery life, making it the perfect travel companion. It also comes with preinstalled security software to keep your data safe. So if you’re looking for a laptop that will help you stay productive while you’re on the go, be sure to check out the ows!

The ows laptop is perfect for people on the go

ows laptop is perfect for people on the go

ows laptop is perfect for people on the go

When it comes to laptops, the ows is one of the best options out there for people on the go. It’s lightweight and has a long battery life, making it the perfect travel companion. It also comes with preinstalled security software to keep your data safe. The ows is the perfect laptop for staying productive while on the go!

OWS Laptop is lightweight and has a long battery life, perfect for travel

OWS Laptop is lightweight and has a long battery life, perfect for travel

OWS Laptop is lightweight and has a long battery life, perfect for travel

One of the best things about the ows laptop is its lightweight and long battery life. This is the perfect travel companion when someone needs to be productive on the go. Data security software is also preinstalled. So if you’re looking for a laptop that will help you stay productive while you’re on the go, try OWS.

OWS also comes with preinstalled security software to keep your data safe

One of the best things about the ows laptop is that it comes with preinstalled security software. Your data will be safe from hackers and other online threats. Therefore, if you are concerned about security, OWS is for you.

If you’re looking for a laptop that will help you stay productive

If you’re looking for a laptop to help you stay productive, the ows is a great option. It has a full-size keyboard and plenty of storage, making it perfect for multitasking. It also has a long battery life, so you can work all day without charging it. Plus, the preinstalled security software keeps your data safe and secure. So if you’re looking for a powerful and versatile laptop, the ows is worth considering.

OWS laptop is built to be rugged

OWS laptop is built to be rugged

OWS laptop is built to be rugged

The ows laptop is built to withstand the demands of everyday use. It has a rugged construction that can stand up to bumps and bruises, making it perfect for people who are always on the go. Plus, it has long battery life and preinstalled security software, so you can stay productive and safe no matter where you are. So if you’re looking for a laptop that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, the ows is worth considering.

Hardware features of ows laptop.

The ows laptop comes with various hardware features that make it perfect for multitasking. 

  • Its large screen size makes it ideal for viewing multiple windows simultaneously. 
  • It also comes with a full-size keyboard, which makes typing up essays or reports a breeze. 
  • The built-in webcam and microphone make it easy to stay connected with friends and family. 

So if you’re looking for a laptop that can handle all your multitasking needs, the ows is a great option.

OWS laptops use the following operating system

OWS laptops use Windows 10 as their operating system. This makes them perfect for business or personal use, as Windows 10 is one of the most versatile and user-friendly operating systems. It has various features make it easy to stay productive, including a taskbar that provides easy access to your most commonly used programs such as Google Chrome etc. It also has a built-in search feature that makes finding files and documents a breeze. So if you’re looking for a high tech laptop that runs Windows 10, the OWS is a great option.

Why ows laptops are best

There are several reasons why ows laptops are the best option for busy people. First, they come with long battery life, meaning you can work all day without worrying about charging them. They also have a rugged construction that can stand up to bumps and bruises, making them perfect for people who are always on the go. Plus, they come with various hardware features that make them perfect for multitasking. So if you’re looking for a laptop that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, the ows is worth considering.

I hope you find this OWS Laptop review handy. If you want to share something more about then feel free to comment. We love to hear from you.

Resources OWS Laptop

To know more about OWS laptops, check out the following resources.

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