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5 Ideas to Kick-start Your Own Self-Improvement Journey

Sheldon Cooper



5 Ideas to Kick-start Your Own Self-Improvement Journey

The world today can feel like a constant battle of trying to prove your worth to strangers, family members, friends, colleagues or even loved ones.  As such, if you are not well-educated, lack a promising career, a house, or a good car among others things, you may suffer from an inferiority complex.  Often, this situation may send you into a state of low self-esteem or even begin to undermine yourself and what your potential. Self-improvement is the best way to overcome such a situation.

Becoming a better version of yourself will transform your life in unimaginable ways. Doing so requires a great deal of perseverance, determination, patience and, most importantly, self-awareness. For that reason, you always have to remind yourself, to push and motivate yourself.  There are clothing brands such as Practice-U which are committed to the idea. The CEO Troy Smith kindly provided also some ideas and tips you can start with to fast-track your journey towards self-improvement.

Be More Appreciative of Yourself

Self-awareness is an important aspect in working towards self-improvement. You need to familiarize yourself with your weaknesses and strengths.  Once you do so, you will begin to realize your impact on other people’s lives, your company and relationships. In fact, this task will help you to work more on your strengths so that you can be the person you seek and learn to appreciate who you are.

Never, Ever Give Up!

Although life is not easy, it is not for quitters. Bear in mind that nothing comes easy.  Whenever you encounter an obstacle, learn from it and how to move past it instead of giving up. Every challenge will make you stronger in preparation for a new one to come at some later point in your self-development journey.  By then, you will be ready to forge ahead without relenting.

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Take Care of Yourself

Keep in mind that you do not have a version 2.0 to replace you.  Therefore, be more hands-on when it comes to how you take care of your mental, physical and emotional health. Quality of sleep each day will go a long way in improving your productivity. Exercising, whether going to the gym or simply an early morning walk or jog, will keep you fit and in shape. You can adopt simple lifestyle changes such as regular medical check-ups, a healthy diet, attending yoga classes or meditation.

Constructive Criticism is Good for You

It is normal to dislike criticism, especially when you feel like you are putting in your best without recognition.  Nonetheless, constructive criticism can be beneficial to you. Keep an open mind that other people could have more vital knowledge or advice about your endeavors due to personal experience, expertise, or wisdom.

Hence, as long as the advice is not harsh, insulting, or offensive, try and listen. 

Break Down Your Plans

As the adage goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” That being said, do not expect to achieve everything you have planned for your life in a few months or less than a year. Although there is no harm in being a little too ambitious, it can often lead to disappointment. The best way to approach your goals is to break them down into achievable and measurable objectives. Accomplishing each is akin to climbing a staircase, whereby each step takes closer to your destination-baby steps!


As far as improving yourself is concerned, there’s a lot you can do.  Although some of the ideas may seem impossible to adopt, there are simple ones like trying to view the positive side of things, shedding of the excess weight or engaging in fun activities more often. At the end of the day, the true goal is personal fulfillment and happiness regardless of what you choose to do.

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