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Choose your Summer Special Floral dress Today




Choose your Summer special Floral dress today

The floral-designed dresses have always been a women’s favourite in all the collections. As it is said, a flower may wilt soon, but a fabulous floral dress would last you all seasons. Well-styled hand-selected attires like floral dresses are a style factor. There were times during the earlier periods when it was said to be true that each woman had a floral dress in their wardrobe. It may not be false even today, considering the style and elegance of floral dresses.

These are gaining popularity in the fashion world as they are carefully designed to fit and flatter the body shape. The prints look elegant and natural with features like chemical-free dyes and hand-blocked designs. Manufacturers are keen on upgrading their products and providing delicate options to promote beauty and requirements.

The floral-designed dresses are a vibrant fusion of ethnic and modern styles combined to give birth to the classy and sassy new look. Various designs in this category, from flared sleeves, loose cuts, and maxi dresses to exquisite embellishments, are believed to be the timeless trademark of these designs. Even if they have lovely designs and varied categories, choosing a single one would be very difficult and leave you bewildered.

You ought to get confused about what to buy and what not to because that’s the loveliness of this design; you just can’t resist it all.

Some suggestions to help you choose your perfect styled floral dress

Here I am writing some suggestions from my personal experience about how to perfectly style your floral dress. I hope you enjoy it.

Select the Category

Summer Special Floral dress  come in many different colours

Summer Special Floral dress come in many different colours, patterns, and designs

Even though garments like floral dresses come in many different colours, patterns, and designs, there is a single category that each dress fits into. First of all, select the category that suits you the most.

The Fabric of the Dress

lightweight fabric of the Summer Special Floral dress

lightweight fabric of the Summer Special Floral dress

Since it’s a summer wear dress, keep in mind to select a lightweight and flowing material. These flowing fabrics include

  • cotton
  • linen
  • denim etc

Flower Colours

Summer Special Floral dress Flower Colours

Choosing the flower colour of floral dress that suits your personality

The choice of the flower colour is as important as the fabric because it will showcase your choice of style through your dress. So, choosing the flower colour that suits your personality is of utmost importance. Women with darker skin tones should select soft and pastel colours, whereas brighter colours are your way to go if you have pale skin.

Background Colour

Background colour of your summer special floral dress

Background colour of your summer special floral dress

The base colour or the background colour plays a significant role when it comes to choosing the perfect floral dress. This is because this base is the colour that will shine through. White, beige, black, and ivory come under the safe styling pattern when you aren’t entirely confident about what to wear.

Size of the prints

Summer Floral Dress Size of the prints for hourglass figures

Summer Floral Dress Size of the prints for hourglass figures

The floral prints are available in various sizes over the dresses. Keep in mind your figure while selecting the dress. If you are fuller, then oversized prints aren’t your thing. You must choose small print ones. A medium floral print would work for thinner people, such as girls having pear-shaped and hourglass figures.

My Thoughts On Summer Special Floral Dress

A floral dress is a timeless choice because of its variety and everything that defines it. It’s the best pick to add to your wardrobe and can be used for all occasions. Just choose the best floral dresses that suit your body and style, and there you are good to go. So carry on the suggestions if you want and select the best floral dress made just for you.

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Getting The Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo





7 Things You Need To Know Before Getting The Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

If you’re exhausted from your daily makeup routine, want a more detailed eyeliner, or simply can’t acquire the perfect eyeliner, permanent cosmetic is the way to go.
But as you jump into the eyeliner tattoo steps, check out our complete directory for the perfect permanent eyeliner tattoo.

What is an eyeliner tattoo?

Eyeliner tattoos are cosmetic tattoos, often called semi-endless makeup, accomplished by a specialized technician.
The pigments used are very distant from his body tattoo inks and only deposited on the top coating of the skin. The colour fades over time, thus the word”semi-permanent”. This entitles facial transformations, ageing, and sensations.
The tattoo is spread to the lash line and can be used as a thin, narrow, or thick to dense eyeliner technique.

Advantages of eyeliner tattoo

A permanent eyeliner tattoo has many benefits, such as:

  • Excellent dirt and water resistance
  • Define your eye figure and colour, excluding the requirement for standard eyeliner.
  • You don’t have to wear eyeliner each time you step out!
    What is the difference between beauty tattoos and traditional tattoos? The procedure is identical to standard tattoos, but some critical discrepancies live.
    Eyeliner tattoos only involve the top layer of skin, so the colour withers over time. Traditional skin tattoo inks penetrate deep into the epidermis.
    It is temporarily permanent, enduring about 12-18 months, and typically requires annual touch-ups.
    Less aching than traditional skin tattoos
    Cosmetic dyes do not include a metallic base that authorizes the ink to cling forever.

Pre-procedure preparation

Eyelash extensions
He should douse the extensions at least a day or two, probably a week in advance, to give time for the glue on the extensions to wear off. Even a slight amount of eyelash adhesive can interlope with the ink application. Once the tattoo has cured, you can readdress the eyelash extensions.

  • Natural blood thinner

Cease taking fish oil, aspirin, and other “natural” blood-thinning creations at least 3 days before your process. Confer your doctor if you are taking conventional blood thinners.

  • Contact lens

Pull contact lenses out before the process, and do not put them back in until the sensitivity or swelling has vanished.

  • Consult a doctor

If you are taking pharmaceutical medications, confer with your medic before the process.


A technician recites pre-agreed design and appearance
The procedure begins by cleaning the eyes with cotton swabs and makeup remover
A painkiller cream is then used to provide a comfy and manageable method.
Technicians utilize gloves and specs for sanitation and precision
The specialist operates with a tattoo syringe to gradually insinuate the colourant into the skin. Most skilled tattoo makers use advanced devices and tiny needles to form fine stripes and shading.
The specialist covers a small region at the bottom of the lash to develop the stain.

Do eyeliner tattoos harm?

Spread an anaesthetic ointment to the region before the permanent eyeliner tattoo procedure begins. This directs to the whole process being somewhat manageable. Some susceptible individuals with lower pain tolerance may find the process a bit discomfiting, but typically, most customers undergo little to no pain.

Processing period

The procedure comprises anaesthesia for 2 to 3 hours. Traditional eye cosmetic usually takes little time, but for opaquer eyeliner, wing, or kitten eye, it might cover 2-3 hours.

How long would the eyeliner tattoo stay?

Some eyeliner tattoos stay for 8 to 18 months, but specialists suggest a 12-month touch-up as the stain will ultimately wither. Every person’s epidermis holds diverse tints, and many characteristics, such as pharmaceuticals, skin classification, and health state, confine the pace of fading.

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Tips for Buying Pants Online That Fit





Tips for Buying Pants Online That Fit

When you’re a woman, picking out a pair of pants might be stressful. The sheer variety of makes, versions, and hues makes it easy to become overwhelmed. This post will go over the most important factors to consider while buying women’s trousers so you may accomplish this goal.

Designer womens pants are a key component of a polished wardrobe. Knowing how to pick the right pair of pants is essential. On the other hand, there are a plethora of variables to consider. Patience is required while searching through the many different styles of pants on the market. Finding the right pair of pants might be difficult, so here are some suggestions.
Best Shape for Your Body Type

I Shape

If you want to avoid seeming too boxy, which you may do if you have a straight figure, try adding some curves by pleats or other hip detail. If you like to wear pants, go for something light and exciting.

V Shape

If your hips are narrower than your shoulders, you can create visual harmony by emphasising the width of your legs.
H Shape
Since you lack a distinct waist yet have narrow hips and shoulders, a straight-leg pair of designer women’s pants will look best on you.

A Shape

Even though your hips and thighs are wider than your shoulders, you maintain a trim waist. Find a shape with a slight bootcut or flare to counteract the width of your hips. Pair a dark bottom with a light top to emphasise your upper body. Some people find that a wider waistline helps them choose the right size. You might feel more comfortable in a skirt than in pants.

X Shape

You have a well-defined waist and proportionately broad shoulders and hips. Although you may not need to have the waist of your pants altered if you choose a style with a wide waistband, you may need to have the crotch area altered. Both straight and bootcut cuts work, as do those with a slight flare.

O Shape

Compared to the rest of your upper body, your belly is the broadest part. The most figure-flattering silhouette is the skinny leg, which allows you to wear a longer tunic top without looking sloppy. If you’re expecting a baby, you might want to shop in the maternity aisle for trousers since they have less material in the thighs and bottom without being too tight in the waist. With a longer top (and pregnant fashions have come a long way in recent years, no one need ever know!), your little secret will remain safe.
8 Shape
You have a defined waist and rather proportional hips and shoulders, yet you have a high ‘shelf’ hip. Again, a broader waistline, straight trousers, or bootcut legs can solve your fitting problems.


If you want your legs to seem longer and leaner, go for the slimmest possible fit and the longest possible length (without dragging on the ground). The enemy of good style is excess fabric, so watch the volume.

Some features of a pant fit are more critical than others when picking the right pair. Tailors can readily alter excessively long pants or those that gape at the waist, but the rise and hips are more critical. For most female body types, the most flattering cut of designer women’s pants is a mid-rise pair of jeans or trousers; those with a lower or higher rise are less common. It’s also important to consider which pant legs complement your figure.

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All You Need to Know About Gold Filling for Jewellery





All You Need to Know About Gold Filling for Jewellery

The prospect of creating jewellery with gold filling is foreign to many a jeweller, and understandably so. There are probably many things you want to know about this metal and how to work with it. This article hopes to address any concerns you may have concerning gold filled jewellery.

What Are Gold-Filled Items?

Gold-filled items are not an alloy. Instead, the material consists of two or three distinct layers. Jewellers’ brass is the main component, although sterling silver was sometimes used in the past. One side of the single-clad gold-filled item is completely covered in gold. Gold in double-clad material is typically distributed as thin layers on inner and outer surfaces. Then, by applying heat and pressure, the gold alloy is fused to either the inner or outer surface of the brass. Jewellery producers buy the bonded raw material in sheets or wire to include in their creations.

Can You Cut Gold-Filled Creations?

Ensure you take extreme caution not to scratch or damage the gold layer when cutting gold-filled material for your design. If the brass centre is exposed, it must be protected from oxidation. Gold plating is an easy method for concealing sharp corners. Please be aware that the percentage of gold in the item will alter if the gold alloy coating on the surface is removed; the gold content of the piece must remain at least 5% of the overall weight.

How Do Manufacturers Create This Jewellery?

The gold filling technique is entirely mechanical, unlike the gold plating procedure. The first step is to wash the base metal to get rid of any grime that has built up over time. After that, molten gold is bound to the base metal by a combination of heat and pressure to create a solid gold coating. There is a permanent bond between the gold and the base metal, so the gold will not peel or flake.

Single cladding, double cladding, and wire cladding are the three techniques to layer gold alloy. In single clad, all of the gold plating (5%) is confined to one side of the centre metal. The double cladding process involves plating the base metal with a layer of gold (2.5%) and then plating the other side with gold (2.5%) for 5% gold. A 5% gold alloy is layered around the bottom using a wire cladding technique.

It’s important to note that there are constraints on the kinds of jewellery that may be made from gold-filled metal. If the jewellery piece needs to be cast, which, by definition, involves melting, the layers of base metal and gold will melt together to form a new alloy.

How to Clean and Care for This Jewellery

Gold filled jewellery is strong and long-lasting, but it requires special maintenance if you want it to last and looks its best.

To clean your gold-filled object,

  • Combine a few drops of dishwashing liquid with hot water.
  • Rinse the item in soapy water and dry it off carefully using a soft cloth or a toothbrush.
  • Dry the item thoroughly by buffing it with a dry microfiber cloth. After it has been cleaned, the gold-filled item should be kept in a safe place away from any other jewellery you might have.


When you’re about to make physical contact with a hard object, it’s best to remove your gold filled jewellery to protect it from scratches and wear and tear. While swimming, showering or applying cosmetics, you should ideally remove your accessories.

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