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The World’s Most Mysterious Book Voynich Manuscript

Sheldon Cooper



The World's Most Mysterious Book Voynich Manuscript

The world’s most mysterious book Voynich Manuscript has become the most famous unsolved book in history. In 1912, a Polish book dealer Wilfrid Voynich went to Italy’s Villa Mndragone, where he found a mysterious book. He Purchased that book. This book did not have any title, nor did its author’s name written on it.

Inside it was hundreds of pages 240 to be exact in which bizarre pictures were made and written in some unknown language. Voynich kept on decoding the language of that book till his last moment.

He wanted to know who wrote this book And where he wrote it. And What was the purpose of writing this book?

Voynich spent the rest of his life unraveling the mystery of this book. But he could not find
the answer to any of his questions. The book was later named The Voynich Manuscript.

This book was sent to many of the best cryptographers in the world, but no one was successful in decoding it. Whatever was written in this book was written as a code, but it was not for anyone to understand. The book has become World’s Most Mysterious Book in the history.

Modern computer cryptography techniques failed to decode the book

Even today’s modern computer cryptography techniques failed to decode the book. Some Historians even believe this book is fake, and someone wrote this book just like that. But when scientists examined this book at the microscopic level to find out, then they came to know that the color used to write this book and to make the illustrations used to be very expensive in ancient times.

Carbon Dating of The Book is 1420

Even buying the leather papers on which this book was written wasn’t easy for common people. That means whoever made this book had spent a lot of money on making it.
And an author does that only when he writes a genuine book. Radiocarbon dating revealed that this book was written in the early 14th century (Around 1420). In this book, pictures of many strange trees, plants and women were made, and many astrological symbols were also made.

Many of these pictures were not even related to the real world; some were such that it was possible to see only through a microscope. But how was this possible when the world’s first telescope and the microscope were discovered about 200 years after it was penned?

Whatever the author of this book had written in it was very special. And there could be two alternatives to why the author wrote this book in this way.

  • Either the language written in this book was very ancient, which we may have lost,
  • or else the author of this book did not want the secrets of this book to be known to everyone, that’s why he wrote it in a secretive code.

When this book was examined under a microscope, it was seen that the book had more than 260 pages. And not a minor correction or mistake was made on any page. Especially the beautiful illustration made on the foldouts of six pages. The fact that its author did not make even a tiny mistake seems challenging to digest.

Where The World’s Most Mysterious Book Voynich Manuscript Kept

This book is kept safely today in the Beinecke Rare book & manuscript in New Haven.
We have not been able to catch on to what was written in this book. Undoubtedly this is the most mysterious and unsolved book in the world. New scholars from different universities  come to decode this book every year but acquire only one thing: failure.

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