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How is elementary school life in America?

Sheldon Cooper



Elementry school kids studying

Life in elementary school is excellent. You get to meet new friends and learn new things every day!

What goes on all around America?  

There are many different types of Elementary Schools, such as public, private, charter, and magnet. For those who don’t know what those words means,


A government-run school that anyone can attend regardless of their wealth Magnet: an attraction for people who want something unique/special charter.


A privately run school that receives funding from the government and has fewer rules than regular public schools, a school run by one or several organizations rather than by the state or local government.

For example, I go to a Public Elementary School because we live near the school, which is very close. There are many different types of Public Elementary Schools: Regular, Magnet, Charter, and Alternative (Alternative means the school focuses on certain things such as languages or education for disabled students).

What kinds of activities happen at Elementary School?

There are many clubs offered at Elementary schools. Some examples of them include Language Clubs, Science Clubs, Homework Helpers, Book Club, and more.

I am involved in my school’s cheerleading team, which is a lot of fun, and we cheer for our sports teams (such as football), and we do cheers during halftime. I also go to an after-school program called Kaleidoscope. There they teach us homework help every day from 3 pm – 6 pm.

What is a regular school day like at your school?

A regular Elementary School will usually start an hour and a half earlier than a regular High/Middle School (Here in America, Elementary schools are called “K-5” or grades K-5 while Middle Schools are named “6-8” or grades 6-8) and there are usually fewer students.

Some schools start at 7 am, some even earlier, while some High/Middle Schools can start as late as 8:30! This depends on the public/private status of the school. Usually, an Elementary School Day goes like this: You show up to class around 7 am (school starts at 8 am). The bell rings at 8 am, and clubs may be offered.

The first bell rings at 8:30 am, and you have to go to your homeroom class for attendance. There is a 5-minute break between second and third period, which gives you enough time to get from one class to the next.

Lunch is around 11:15-11:40, depending on what day it is and if after-school activities are scheduled (for example, sports). After lunch, there is a recess where students can play on the playground or go inside with their friends.

The last bell of the day rings at 3 pm, but some schools offer extracurricular programs until 5/6 pm, such as sports practices or clubs.

What does an Elementary School look like?

They usually have school colors! Blue and white are popular choices for the lockers and the hallways. The main office is generally in the front of the school by the entrance/exit (sometimes at an angle).

To the left (if you’re facing it), there is most likely a “cafeteria” or where hot lunches are served at many schools. Visualize it like this: Here’s an example of Elementary School, but expect each one to be different depending on whether it’s public, private, charter, etc.

What about homework?

Elementary School has less homework than Middle Schools, or High Schools do. Depending on age, there can either be no homework given or minimal amounts of homework for students to complete.

For example, my 6th-grade sister doesn’t have much homework, but my 8th-grade sister has a bunch of homework every night.

What is special about Elementary School?

One thing I love about Elementary Schools is the lack of competition between students. I feel like at a young age, and people are still learning to care for others (starting in 3rd or 4th grade, depending on where you live).

I remember in my school, the “cool” kids were known as cliquey and rude to other students, which made them very disliked by many children in our school.  It also felt like if someone were new, they would not be welcomed into their group (maybe they would take one day).

This doesn’t happen when everyone gets along! Elementary School is a time where everyone is close in age, so when people are nice to each other, it can be much more powerful than at a Middle or High School because Elementary School children don’t have the knowledge yet to hurt others.

I hope this answers your question about How is elementary school life is in America?

Feel free to let us know your thoughts about this answer. 


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1 Comment

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    moses john

    December 9, 2021 at 10:20 am

    Elementory schools in america are very vast initial programs for kids. They perform every activity in schools like playing games, tablo, toys, and other kind of extra curriculam activities.

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The World’s Most Mysterious Book Voynich Manuscript

Sheldon Cooper



The World's Most Mysterious Book Voynich Manuscript

The world’s most mysterious book Voynich Manuscript has become the most famous unsolved book in history. In 1912, a Polish book dealer Wilfrid Voynich went to Italy’s Villa Mndragone, where he found a mysterious book. He Purchased that book. This book did not have any title, nor did its author’s name written on it.

Inside it was hundreds of pages 240 to be exact in which bizarre pictures were made and written in some unknown language. Voynich kept on decoding the language of that book till his last moment.

He wanted to know who wrote this book And where he wrote it. And What was the purpose of writing this book?

Voynich spent the rest of his life unraveling the mystery of this book. But he could not find
the answer to any of his questions. The book was later named The Voynich Manuscript.

This book was sent to many of the best cryptographers in the world, but no one was successful in decoding it. Whatever was written in this book was written as a code, but it was not for anyone to understand. The book has become World’s Most Mysterious Book in the history.

Modern computer cryptography techniques failed to decode the book

Even today’s modern computer cryptography techniques failed to decode the book. Some Historians even believe this book is fake, and someone wrote this book just like that. But when scientists examined this book at the microscopic level to find out, then they came to know that the color used to write this book and to make the illustrations used to be very expensive in ancient times.

Carbon Dating of The Book is 1420

Even buying the leather papers on which this book was written wasn’t easy for common people. That means whoever made this book had spent a lot of money on making it.
And an author does that only when he writes a genuine book. Radiocarbon dating revealed that this book was written in the early 14th century (Around 1420). In this book, pictures of many strange trees, plants and women were made, and many astrological symbols were also made.

Many of these pictures were not even related to the real world; some were such that it was possible to see only through a microscope. But how was this possible when the world’s first telescope and the microscope were discovered about 200 years after it was penned?

Whatever the author of this book had written in it was very special. And there could be two alternatives to why the author wrote this book in this way.

  • Either the language written in this book was very ancient, which we may have lost,
  • or else the author of this book did not want the secrets of this book to be known to everyone, that’s why he wrote it in a secretive code.

When this book was examined under a microscope, it was seen that the book had more than 260 pages. And not a minor correction or mistake was made on any page. Especially the beautiful illustration made on the foldouts of six pages. The fact that its author did not make even a tiny mistake seems challenging to digest.

Where The World’s Most Mysterious Book Voynich Manuscript Kept

This book is kept safely today in the Beinecke Rare book & manuscript in New Haven.
We have not been able to catch on to what was written in this book. Undoubtedly this is the most mysterious and unsolved book in the world. New scholars from different universities  come to decode this book every year but acquire only one thing: failure.

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What classroom technologies are used in premier business schools?

Sheldon Cooper



What classroom technologies are used in premier business schools?

Classroom technology tools are essential for students of all ages. They can provide a range of benefits to help students learn and grow in their academic careers. So, what classroom technologies are used in premier business schools? The answer to this question is complex; schools use technologies on a need basis. But here are the top 7 technology devices used by premier business schools in classrooms.

What classroom technologies are used in premier business schools?

  1. Smart Boards
  2. Document Cameras
  3. Laptops
  4. Tablets
  5. Internet Access
  6. Digital Textbooks
  7. Ultra-High-Definition Television (UHDTV)

Some of the most popular interactive classroom technology tools include:

1. Smart Boards

smart board in premier business school

smart board technology used in premier business school

Smart boards are interactive whiteboards that allow teachers to engage with their students in new and innovative ways. Teachers can display multimedia content, control software applications, and even annotate over digital images with a smartboard. This type of technology used in teaching has improved student engagement and comprehension in the business schools.

2. Document Cameras

Document Cameras Technology used in classroom

Most of the premier schools are now using document camera to teach students.

Another technology for schools is document camera. Document cameras allow teachers to capture images of anything they teach in real-time. This can include text, images, or even objects. Teachers can help their students better understand complex concepts and processes with a document camera.

3. Laptops

Laptops Class room technology

Students are learning on laptop in a premier business school classroom

Laptop is an essential tool for any student. They can be used to take notes in class, complete homework assignments, and even access the internet for research purposes. Laptops provide students with flexibility and convenience that is difficult to match with other classroom technology tools.

4. Tablets

Tablets are now also used as classroom technology

Students learning on tablet in a school

Tablets are another popular tool among students. They can be used for various purposes, including reading textbooks, completing homework assignments, and even taking notes in class. Tablets offer a level of portability and convenience that is unmatched by other classroom technology tools.

5. Internet Access

Internet Access Is now a class room technology

Schools are now using Internet as a basic technology for teaching and learning.

While not technically a classroom technology tool; internet access is an essential component of the modern classroom. With internet access, students can research topics for their essays, complete online homework assignments, and even watch lectures from their favorite professors. In addition, teachers can use the internet to find new and innovative ways to engage their students in the classroom.

6. Digital Text Books

Digital Text Books A handy tehnological tool for study

Digital Text Books are now used in the most of the school.

Digital textbooks are a growing trend in the classroom. They offer many advantages over traditional textbooks, including being more affordable and including multimedia content. Digital textbooks can also be accessed online, allowing students to access them from any location. For more info on digital textbook visit wikipedia.

7. Ultra-High-Definition Television

Ultra-High-Definition-Television For Classrooms

Ultra-High-Definition-Television technology are now becoming a part of business premier schools.

UHDTV is also used in premier schools classroom settings. It offers an incredible 8.3 million pixels with 4096 x 2160 resolution, four times that of 1080p HDTV. This is great for displaying images and videos in great detail. Schools that have invested in UHDTV can create more immersive learning environments for their students.


These are just a few of the many classroom technology tools available to students today. When choosing what classroom technologies are used in premier business schools? The right tools for your classroom, it is essential to consider the needs of your students and the type of learning environment you want to create. Your students can achieve success in any classroom setting with the right tools.

Classroom technology tools can provide a range of benefits to students of all ages. Teachers can use classroom technology to help their students learn and grow in their academic careers by using the right tools.

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Impact of aluminum technology on fences pool

Sheldon Cooper



Impact of aluminium technology on fences pool

Basically with time the usage of aluminium technology is increasing because of several reasons. Nowadays this technology is used for multiple purposes because it provides a good look and reliability. Basically, as every homeowner desire a swimming pool in his house it requires proper maintenance and complete responsibility. If there is a pool in your home you may get complete benefits and perfectly enjoy your summer.

The swimming pool is also a place where your family members get together and perfectly enjoy their weekends. At that time it is the responsibility of the homeowner is to provide complete security and a safe and sound environment in the pool area.

As everyone wants to make his pool fences so that it looks perfect. For that, several materials are often used for the decoration of a swimming pool so that it looks attractive.

There are several types of fences pool and some of them are constructed with aluminium which seems to be most beautiful and appears attractive. Another good thing is these aluminium fences bounce the area of the pool very stylish atmosphere.

It is shaped with iron materials that could be designed in a couple of different ways that lead beauty of the place. Due to its functionality, the owners of the pools have peace of mind about the security of one who came near the area of the pool.

So basically the fences of pools are constructed with aluminium that doesn’t require much preservation due to be reliability as compared to any other kind of fences pool.

One of the major advantages of aluminium technology is its strength as we can see in the fence of the pool. If you do care from time to time your product can work for a long time. This product is also valid for any kind of weather just like extreme cold or heat.

Due to its powerful coating, your product can work for a long time and save from the major problem of rust. The major reason for its preference is its easy installation and cost efficiency capabilities.

These aluminium fences nowadays come in a couple of sizes, designs and multiple sizes which typically depend on the choice of the owner. It can also be customized in any particular design you want. You can also get in several designs and styles. But its users not just prefer design but also its comfort and reliability so that their product can work for a long time.

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