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What Are the Types of Car Insurance?

Sheldon Cooper



What Are the Types of Car Insurance?

It is important for everyone to have car insurance. When comes to finding an insurance agency Newark DE, it is important for everyone to know what type of car insurance they need. There are multiple packages and they all have their benefits of drawbacks. Everyone should know about the various options for car insurance so they can make an educated decision.

Liability Only Car Insurance

The first type of car insurance that everyone should know is called liability only car insurance. This is the lowest amount of coverage that someone can have on a car and still be allowed to drive on the road. With a liability only car insurance policy, this is a policy that will pay to fix the other person’s car in the event the policyholder is blamed for an accident; however, it does not pay to fix the car of the policyholder. The benefit of this type of car insurance is that this is an inexpensive policy; however, it also exposes the policyholder to great risk without coverage.

Collision Car Insurance

One of the most common types of car insurance is called collision coverage. When someone has collision coverage, they have protection for not only other vehicles they might hit but also their own. This is a policy that should provide coverage for all accidents ranging from single-car accidents to multi-car pileups. For this reason, the policy is a bit more expensive; however, it does not provide coverage for all types of issues.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

The highest level of car insurance that someone can get is usually called a comprehensive policy. This provides coverage for the car for all issues other than intentional damage. This is also called Act of God car insurance. While this policy does provide protection in the event of a collision, this type of car insurance also provides car insurance protection from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and more. While this policy is one of the most expensive options, it also provides the highest degree of vehicle protection.

Find the Right Car Insurance Policy

These are a few of the most common types of auto insurance from which people can choose. It is important for everyone to know about the various types of car insurance so that they can find the right policy to meet their needs. Everyone has to have car insurance in order to keep their vehicle on the road.


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